Knowledgebase: PamBill Functions
How to manage customers

Managing your customers


General information

PamBill provides a simple customer management module. Orders which are imported, are matched with existing customers. As a result, PamBill will not show duplicate customers.


  1. Click on “Customers” in the top menu.
  2. You will see a list of all your customers. Source will show “Imported” when imported from Jimdo and nothing when created in PamBill.
  3. Via the gear icon on the far right of each customer you can edit the customer or delete it. Note that you can only delete customers that do not have invoices with “Sent” statuses.


Additional information

There are three customer types. You will see these in the list of customers. There are:


  • Mixed: Customer data contains private and company address information
  • Private: Customer data contains only private information
  • Company: Customer data contains only company information


If you want to see all invoices for a particular customer, use the search filter at the top right. You will see a pulldown box, select the customer for which you want to see all invoices from the list and PamBill will automatically show you all invoices for that customer.

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