Functional description and screenshots of Pamela Call Recorder
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The Pamela Call Recorder is based on the same core technology as the other Pamela products. The free Pamela Call Recorder has two main functions. Obviously to record calls but it can also play Emotion Sounds during a call.

The call recording is limited to 15 minutes and video recording is limited to 5 minutes, just like the free Pamela Basic version. Click here to activate unlimited call and video recording by purchasing a Pamela Call Recorder license key.

Key features of the Pamela Call Recorder

- Skype audio and video recording (In freeware mode 15 minutes audio and 5 minutes video)
- Emotion Sounds
- Selects language automatically based on your Skype language setting
- 30+ languages included (can be set manually)
- Built in comfortable GUI language editor
- Timer when recording a call
- Equalizer when recording a call
- Spoken and chat based call recording warning messages

The call recorder is pretty easy to use. As soon as you make or receive a call with Skype, Pamela will show a dialog and ask you if you want to record the call.

If you ignore the dialog then it will disappear automatically after 10 seconds assuming you do not want to record the call. The call recorder will record Skype calls, landline and mobile calls and conference calls.

The default recording format is WMA, but you can change this to MP3, WAV or OGG.

The Emotion Sounds is a cool feature that plays any preset or custom sound during a call. You can use this to make an intro, pretend you are asleep, use it to escape from a boring conference call by playing a sound of a ringing mobile and lots more. The sounds are fully customizable too.

Description of the user interface

The user interface has been redesigned. It consists of a toolbar and a slide in/out call list window which shows your recorded calls.


Looking at the screenshot, we will now explain the toolbar buttons and the call list window.


The toolbar consists of the main navigation functions. The icons on the toolbar behave just like the Skype icons. From left to right there are:

- Call record start button (only active when there is a call)
- Call record stop button
- Emotion Sounds button. This opens the list of available sounds
- Call list window. This slides in/out the list window you see below the toolbar
- Options. You can set call recording options, configure Emotion Sounds and set or edit language
- Pamela icon. Links to FAQ, website, MP3 enabling and about

When you start the call recording the Pamela Call Recorder toolbar will look like the screenshot below. The timer and equalizer will disappear when you stop the recording.

Note that the call recorder will warn the other caller that you are recording with a spoken warning and a chat message text.

When you stop the call recording a beep is played to signal the end of the recording.

To comply with legal regulations regarding call recording these warnings can not be turned off. However Pamela Basic, Standard, Professional and Business have more flexible options to handle these settings.

Call list window

The call list window shows a list of your recorded calls with Skype name, when you made the recording and the duration.

At the bottom you will see three icons. From left to right, these are PLAY, STOP and DELETE. They are only active when you select one or multiple recordings.

In addition there is a context menu that opens when you right click a recording. The menu contains the following.

You can do various actions via the menu. the menu also provides you direct access to the recording folder where you can copy your files or forward them.


Other things to know

Tray icon

During a call Pamela will change the tray icon to show you that there is an active recording. The icon looks like this: .

Tray icon menu

When you right click on the tray icon you will see a menu. From the menu you can start/stop call recording (when there is an active call), access the options and Emotion Sounds and quit Pamela. Note that Pamela is pre-configured to start automatically with Skype. Below a screenshot of the menu when there is a call being recorded.

Warning message

When you have Pamela Basic, Professional or Business installed and install the Pamela Call Recorder, you will see the following warning message.

The reason for the warning is that the Skype audio system does not support call recording by two applications at the same time. So we just want to warn you that it will cause problems. And besides, if you have the full version of Pamela installed there is no reason to install the Pamela Call Recorder anyway as you already have all those features and more.

Call Recording options

When you click on the options icon you will see a window with two tabs. In the left bottom you will see the language selection and an edit button which opens the built in language editor.

In the call recording options you can set how Pamela is to handle inbound and outbound calls. In addition you are able to change the chat warning message sent when starting call recording (not sent when you start a Skype call). Note that you can not "empty" this message box. Changing the language will also change the warning message, but any custom message will be saved and is available from the pull down list.

Emotion Sounds options

When you click on the "Emotion sounds" tab you will be able to configure the emotion sounds.

You can configure the sounds, set the display name by clicking on the title row. You can also record a sound right from here, this is great for intros, etc.

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