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Quick startup guide on blogging with Pamela
Posted by - NA - on 19.08.2009 - 16:37

Here below are detailed step by step instructions on how to configure your Blogging settings. Examples are given using the Blogger API.

1. Check Enable Blogging
2. Check Enable automatic Blogging and Publish blog immediately
3. Blogging API: Blogger API
4. Blog server connection URL:
5. Blog ID: To retrieve your Blog ID press the ">" button in Pamela, first you have to fill in your username and password (see step 6 here below).
6. Username and Password: The username and password you use to log into
7. Blog audio files base download URL: The remote address to your voicemail e.g. This would become the address that will be used to link to your voicmails at your blogpage. You can of course just use it just depends on where you want to store your voicemails.

If you are going to link to your voicemails on your blog you have to check Enable audio files remote FTP storage and FTP uploading and configure the following:
8. Remote blog voice files folder: /www/"The address where you want to store your voice messages" e.g. /www/pamela/blog/ or just /www/ if you are using only as your path.
9. Port: 21
10. Server (hostname or IP adress): The server where your blog is hosted e.g.

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