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How do birthday notifications work?
Posted by - NA - on 19.08.2009 - 16:38

The birthday notification function is activated by default after you install Pamela. On the main Pamela window you will see a "Birthday" tab. Click on it and you will see an overview of all your contacts birthdates (note that people who do not enter a birthdate in their Skype profile will not appear here).

To customize the options, open the Pamela options from the main window, then click on Birthday Notification. There are three options which you can configure Pamela when a notification window is shown (a transparent small window that pops up in the right lower corner of your screen).

You can now configure what Pamela is supposed to do then you click on the birthday notification window:

1. No action
2. Send a pre-configured chat message
3. Start a Skype call

Regularly Pamela will display upcoming and todays birthdays. The future birthdays will disappear automatically, the ones for today will remain visible unti you do two things:

1. Click on the notification which invokes the preset action. By default this will show the birthday chat message to be sent which you can edit.
2. Click on the red [x] to close this window without doing anything.

In the event that you have missed a birthday, you can send a birthday chat congratiolation afterwards. Go to the main Pamela window and click on "Birthdays". Click in the section "Past" on the person you missed to congratulate. Then click the call or chat option at the bottom of the birthday list. If you select chat, a chat window will open and you can send your congratulation message.

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