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How do I get Pamela to answer my calls instead of Skype Voicemail?
Posted by - NA - on 19.08.2009 - 16:38
You need to make sure that Pamela can answer the call before Skype voicemail picks up.

To do this, open the Skype options and go to Voicemail. There you will have advanced settings. Make sure the setting to have Skype reroute a call to voicemail if you don't answer is unchecked. Check that other settings also do not allow Skype Voicemail to pickup an incoming call when you are online with Skype.

Alterntaively try decreasing the answer time in Pamela Voicemail (see Pamela options, Voicemail), which would make Pamela answer an incoming call before Skype Voicemail would.
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