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How do I configure the pamcasting module in Pamela?
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Pamcasting/Skypecasting and Podcasting
The basic idea behind the Pamela podcasting feature is that you setup your PC with Skype so that an incoming call can be recorded and automatically be podcasted by Pamela. Alternatively you can also publish recorded calls or direct Pamela recordings. The Pamela podcasting feature makes it possible to create solutions like:
- voicemail complaint boxes;
- website voice remarks;
- personal voicemail pages;
- and many more things.
To set this up on your system you need:
- Pamela,
- Skype; - an FTP account on a FTP server;
- an internet connection.
To setup the casting feature in Pamela you need to do the following:
1. Go to 'Tools | Options';
2. Click on the 'Pamcasting' icon;
3. Click 'Enable Pamcasting';
4. Click 'Enable automatic Pamcasting';
5. Set the file size to for example 10 Mb;
6. Give your Pamcast a title in 'Pamcast title';
7. Fill in your full name in 'Pamcaster name';
8. Fill in the complete URL to the location where your mp3's and cast file will reside. Put this information in the 'Podcast base download URL';
9. Now you have to set the FTP settings in ‘Remote FTP storage’ tab (if you want to activate automatic FTP upload click the checkbox)
10. Fill in the 'Remote URL file folder' where your cast file will reside. Normally this starts with a forward slash and the folder name;
11. Also do this for the 'Remote audio file folder'. To begin it is easier to put all the stuff in the same folder;
12. In the FTP 'Server' field put the name of your FTP server or the IP address;
13. Set the 'Port' to 21 (default);
14. Fill the 'username' field with the username for your FTP server;
15. Fill the 'password' fields with the password for your FTP server.
16. Leave the ‘Use passive FTP mode’ field untouched (unless specifically required by your provider).
You are now ready to do a Pamcast from a call, call recording or custom recording. If someone calls you and you have enabled FTP upload, the files will be directly published to your FTP server and other people can subscribe to your podcast.
You can also manually test the Pamcasting feature by rightclicking a voicefile in the mainscreen and select the publish function.
All entered FTP server data will remain saved by Pamela. So if you wish to keep your recording files locally while Pamcasting, you only need to deactivate the ‘Enable PamCasting remote storage and use FTP upload’ function.
NOTE: If you wish to hide Skype-Names/Numbers in the audio file name there is an option in the general settings to replace all of these with a custom string. This option is in the “General” options.

Links for more information about what Podcasting is about
Below you will find some links where you can find additional information about Podcasting, the idea behind it, how you can use it, etc. (good article with step by step description how to make a Podcast, for Mac only. For PC take Pamela :-) )

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