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How do I start external applications with Pamela?
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Pamela offers two options to start external applications or HTTP links triggered on events.

  1. Start an external application when making or receiving a Skype call
  2. Start an application after you finished recording a call (e.g. to enter notes in another application re. the call).

Example of configuration for option 1:

Example of configuration for option 2:

The following syntax may be used:

1. HTTP links

No additional data is required, just a link with the variables.


2. Executable file (.exe, .bat, cmd - i.e. all files that can be executed by your system)

Enter the correct path to the file.

Example: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe (without any quotes or other symbols).

3. Executable with command line arguments.

Each argument must be in quotes, exept the executable path itself.

Example: C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe "[CALLER_NICKNAME]--&name=--[CALLER_FULLNAME]--" "another_arg" ""


Further information:

What is the difference between --[CALL_PRIMARY_FILENAME]-- and --[CALL_SECONDARY_FILENAME]-- for executing external applications?

This has a sense when working with video recordings where you can have a separate video (AVI) and audio file. PRIMARY is the AVI file and SECONDARY the separated audio stream.

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