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How do I configure email forwarding for Googlemail/Gmail?
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Email forwarding is available in: Pamela Standard, Professional and Business.

First make sure that POP is activated on your Gmail account. Follow the instructions on the Google website.

After you made sure that POP is activated configure the settings in Pamela. Open the options and click on email forwarding. You will see the following screen (without the red text).


Enter your Gmail account information as in the above example. Note that in some countries the domain is not gmail but googlemail.

IMPORTANT: After you have entered the data, make sure you have completed the configuration on the other tabs (General and Message options).

Then you are ready to do a test send where a test email will be sent to the email address that you configured in the "General" options tab. IMPORTANT: You might receive an error that the sending has failed. This is an error sent to Pamela from the Gmail server. In reality the email was sent correctly. This is an issue we are still looking into.

Note that using port 465 (as described in Gmail official website) might not work.

If you still receive an error then please activate the logging function in Pamela (in the options under "Application logging") and do a test send. Note that application logging is only available in Pamela Professional and Business.

Then open a support ticket with us and we can take a look what is going wrong.

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