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Why was Pamela developed and what are the advantages?
Posted by - NA - on 19.08.2009 - 17:09

Pamela for Skype was developed mainly for two reasons:

1. To take care of some of the Skype annoyances

2. To enhance the basic functionality of Skype with additional functions

Skype lacks some functions that make calling with Skype comfortable. Just to give you some examples which you might have experienced before. You are on a Skype call and another call comes in. Why is that? Because people can not see you are engaged in a call. For that reason we added a "When on a call" function that changes your Skype status and mood message.

The next thing is that people might still call you and so we added an auto hangup function which also sends the caller a chat message that you are on a call and will call back. Pamela adds this "missed" call to the call list so you can see who tried to call you.

This is just one example of how Pamela helps you make Skype calls more efficient.

Secondly there is a lot more you can do with the audio and video that Skype provides. This is why Pamela offers functions that enhance the usage of Skype into areas like Podcasting, Blogging, Email Forwarding and much more.

We designed Pamela to provide you with a richer and more effective Skype experience.

Pamela for Skype - Makes Skype more effective for you

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