Why is this application called Pamela?
Posted by - NA - on 19.08.2009 - 17:11

This is a bit of a special story. Back in 2004 when we started thinking about an add-on for Skype we actually did not have a name yet. In October 2004 Skype came out with the SkypeAPI that allowed external applications to communicate with Skype.

We started development on December 8, 2004 and released version 1.0 on February 2005. During that time we heard about "Pamela". This name came from the very early times at Skype. The girlfriend of a friend of a marketing person at Skype had her picture taken so that Skype could make the first screenshots for the website to explain how easy Skype works. And this user was given the name "Pamela".

Nobody really knew who she was, a Skype employee, a friend of an employee, etc. Many questions where asked but all remained unanswered. And so we thought that would be a fun name for an add-on application. Perhaps not the most serious one but definitely a name with an interesting historical background .


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