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How to transfer Pamela settings to another PC
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Richard S on 06.04.2016 - 11:26

It is quite easy to transfer the settings of Pamela.

There are two folders you need to move over to the new system, one folder is the data and the other one is the settings.

Folder 1 (Settings): Click on the start button and enter %appdata% - Windows Explorer will open (Windows 8/10, use the search for this). Navigate to the "Roaming" folder. In it you will see a directory called "Pamela". Copy that entire directory over to the new computer to the same location. If you have installed Pamela on the new computer already, replace the Pamela folder with the old one.

Folder 2 (Data): In the "Documents" folder on the desktop there is a folder called "Pamela". Copy that entire folder to the new computer.

After that to you can start Pamela on the new computer and all settings and data will be present as they where on your other system.

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