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Command line and registry options for Pamela
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There are several additional options available that allow you to control certain functions when using Pamela in a company environment.

The following command line options are available for all versions.

Command line options (Syntax: Pamela.exe <commandline>):

/voiceon (Pamela starts with voice answer activated)
/texton (Pamela starts with text answer activated)
/voiceoff (Pamela starts with voice answer deactivated)
/textoff (Pamela starts with text answer deactivated)
/logftpon (Pamela will add FTP trace information to the logging file)
/logftpoff (Stop FTP logging)
/stop (Pamela application is terminated)
/trayiconon (Pamela tray icon is not visible)
/trayiconoff (Pamela tray icon visible again)
/datapath= (Set default path where Pamela should save all data and settings. Example: C:\Program Files\Pamela>Pamela.exe /datapath="\\<CentralLocation>". Note: If Pamela was installed with the /path installer option, this is a mandatory command line option!
/debuglog= (Set path and filename to dump debug log, e.g. c:\log.txt)


Remote control options

/recordStart (Start call recording remotely)
/recordStop (Stop call recording remotely)
/trayOn (Enable silent mode, all dialogs surpressed)
/trayOff (Stop silent mode)

Registry options:

In the registry there are additional options that can be set manually. These are set in the registry and not in the settings.xml file for security reasons. To edit open regedit.exe and edit the registry as follows:

  1. Create following key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\PAMELA\settings
  2. In there you will be able to add the below options (add these as DWORD).


DWORD settings:

m_trayIconDisabled = 1/0 (Pamela does not display tray icon)
m_ConsoleWindowDisabled = 1/0 (Pamela does not display console menu item)
m_OptionsMenuDisabled = 1/0 (Pamela does not display options menu item)
m_ViewMenuDisabled = 1/0 (Pamela does not display view menu item)
m_exitWindowDisabled=1/0 (Pamela will or will not display confirm quit dialog when closing Pamela)
m_deleteFilesDisabled=1/0 (Disable ability to delete data files)
m_silentModeDisabled=1/0 (Run Pamela in silent mode)


Installer options:

/license= number (Pamela installs with the license code, which is checked on first start of Pamela)
/path= (Set default path where Pamela should save all data and settings). Note that Pamela must be started with the command line parameter /datapath= pointing to this location.


Note: There is also a remote control DLL. From any application you can connect to the DLL and remote control the settings.xml file and initiate commands. For more details see Remote control function. We suggest you use this method for integrating Pamela functions.

Security notice: Making changes to the registry may render your computer unusable. If you don't know what you are doing don't play around! We accept no responsibility for loss, misconfiguration or any other form of damage resulting from this and all other articles. We have taken the maximum precaution to ensure the information is correct, Use at your own risk.

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