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Affiliate Program benefits and how to sign up
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Affiliate Program Benefits

Affiliate Program benefits include: The more customers you sign up, the more money you will receive, beginning at 20% of monthly service charges for every customer that purchases Pamela software through your site. As your account volume increases, your commission can grow to 35%. The more Pamela licenses you sell the quicker you will be upgraded to a higher commission level.

The commission levels are:

Payout Level 1 20%
Payout Level 2 25%
Payout Level 3 30%
Payout Level 4 35%

As soon as you deliver 20 sales, you will be upgraded to the next level automatically. With the next 20 sales you upgraded one level, and so on. Once you are on a higher level you are not downgraded if you do not deliver another 20 sales in a particular timeframe.

If one of your customers signs up as an affiliate, you participate of their sales. Our program supports so called "Second Tier" Affiliates. This means that you receive 5% margin from any sales generated by people that signed up via you. This is done automatically but you may also pro-actively promote this to your contacts.

Pamela-Systems handles all billing, and ongoing customer support, providing you with all the tools needed to become a successful Affiliate Program partner. Offer your customers the best Skype add-on application!

How to Sign Up for our Affiliate Program

Sign up now for the Pamela Affiliate Referral Program (Affiliate Program) and earn additional revenue of up to 35% per sale by selling Pamela Web hosting services. If you should have any questions, please contact us.

It is very easy to sign up. All that is required is a PayPal account so we can easily pay you your earned commission.

Sign up online (free) with our easy sign-up form.

Approval is automatic and instantly. You will be provided instructions on how to access the Affiliate Control Panel and how to customize your web site enabling you to start selling Pamela software immediately thereafter!
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