I bought a license but did not get an email with my activation code
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This can happen if the email with activation details that was sent to you ended up in the junk mail folder, got deleted or blocked by the ISP. Make sure that the email address you used during purchase exists and is not a temporary address.

If the payment has been completed, you can retreive your code from our system by entering the email address that you used for payment on our store page. Click here to open the store page. On the left you will see the login option. If you purchased without creating an account then open a support ticket and we're happy to help.

Also allow some time as our system waits for a positive payment confirmation before it sends out an email. This might take up to several hours, this process is unfortunately out of our control. When you pay with an eCheck this will take up to 3 to 5 days before our system sends you an email with a link to your activation code.

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