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How does the Rich Mood Editor work?
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The rich mood editor is a new function in Pamela 3.5 and also available as Skype plugin.

Since Skype 3.0 there is the possibility to set mood messages that are formatted with HTML tags. This function is not available in Skype itself, it is only accessable via the Skype API (programming interface).

We have built a small application that allows you to create HTML formatted mood messages and simply set them in Skype.

The Rich Mood Editor supports the following HTML tags:

  • Italic, Bold and Unterline
  • Different fonts (note: limitations are present, you can't use all fonts)
  • Center and Blink
  • Color
  • Links

The above are the only tags supported by Skype.

To open the Rich Mood Editor click on the menu item in the main Pamela window:


After that the editor window will open.


The File menu allows you to load and save rich mood files. This is great for changing to s different mood quickly or sharing them with your friends. Note that we have a forum section on our site that allows you to share your mood templates.

The Skype menu allows you to set or get the current Skype mood message.

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