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How does Skype call transfer work in Pamela?
Posted by - NA - on 20.08.2009 - 09:47

Call transfer is a network function of Skype. We have not built our own solution, this is real Skype network call transfer.

The call transfer works with Skype to Skype and also Skype to landline or mobile. Note that only incoming calls can be transfered.

The call transfer function is available in all Pamela versions except Pamela Call Recorder.

The defualt setting is active. This means that when you recieve a call, Pamela will show you the call transfer window. You may turn this off in the Options under General Settings.


When you want to transfer the call you can either transfer to a person on your contact list or to a custom Skype name/number.

For the first option (most convenient), you click on the top field and as soon as you type letters a quickfind will take place narrowing your search. Select the contact and click transfer! All contacts will be displayed, Skype and any SkypeOut contacts you may have. Note that Pamela will remember which person you last transfered to so that next time you might not need to quickfind anymore.

The second option you enter a Skypename or number and click transfer.

Currently the Skype network does not provide feedback as to the success of the transfer. This is a network limitation and not a Pamela limitation.

The call transfer window will be closed automatically when you end the call. The window will also auto close when Pamela answering machine picks up the call.

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