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How does the Mega Emotion Sounds Player work?
Posted by - NA - on 20.08.2009 - 09:48

This function allows you to play any audio file during a Skype call. It will work with any type of Skype call.

The main functions of the player are:

  • Plays WAV and MP3 files
  • Ability to create different categories
  • Drag&drop files or folders on the window which are then added automatically
  • Rename caregory tags
  • Start/stop playing directly from the window


The symbols you see in the main window are described below.


The red (X) means delete the file or category. The (+) means add a file via dialog window or add a new category. The play button plays the sound.

Clicking on a category name allows you to rename the category.

You can add files very easily by drag&drop. Just drag a file to the window and it is added automatically. The same for folders. Once a folder is dragged the WAV and MP3 files in that folder (and subfolders) are added automatically. Any other file types are ignored.

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