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I want to have a separate voicemail greeting message for each of my SkypeIn numbers. How do I do that?
Posted by - NA - on 20.08.2009 - 09:49

Required: Pamela Professional or Business

Open the options in Pamela and click on "Voice messaging" and then on "SkypeIn". The window appears as below.


First enable the function and then type in the first SkypeIn number you want to configure.

After that click the green (+) button to add the number to the list. Make sure this number is selected below and then assign a greeting message with the option buttons at the bottom (Select existing or create new greeting message).

Repeat this for all SkypeIn numbers you have. They will be selectable from the list below the entry field. Selecting the number and then clicking on the trash deletes it from the list.

When you are away and a call comes in on a configured SkypeIn number Pamela will play the greeting message configured for that number.

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