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Fix for error "Unable to create converter stream (Output file)"
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by on 20.08.2009 - 10:12

When you change the setting in Pamela to record in stereo you may see the following error message when you start to record a Skype call: Unable to create converter stream (Output file).

This only happens when the recording format is set to MP3. This error is caused by a limitation in the ACM MP3 codec on your PC. ACM is a Windows system component and there are two ways to try to fix this problem.

  1. Change the audio format of the recording to either WMA, OGG or WAV. We suggest WMA as the output file size is very similar to MP3 and playable with many audio players. Open the Pamela sound options (from Tools menu, Options, Advanced, Sound) to change the default format. You can also revert back to "mono" recording if you really only want MP3 format.
  2. Installing the latest LAME codec may also resolve the problem. Click here for further information.
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