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Resolving video recording problems
Posted by Richard S, Last modified by Richard S on 31.01.2011 - 09:17
Recording Skype video is not always easy so here we want to share with you a few tips from users and our own experiences.
  1. Make sure you have the latest video drivers for your video card. Most computers use a card from Nvidia or AMD. You can find drivers on the websites at and Netbooks tend to have a built in graphics card from Intel so look for the latest driver at Do not underestimate the importance of using the latest drivers! We've had users who had problems with bad Skype video calls experience a complete different quality after updating.
  2. Be careful when changing settings in the video options. The FPS (Frames per second) is a setting which impacts your computers power directly. Leaving it at the default setting of 4 will have good results. If you change it to 10, you will need a powerful computer as Skype video also consumes CPU power.
  3. Do not go to high on resolution. 640x480 is a good setting if you PC is a dual core system.
  4. The audio quality of low will provide good quality - suggest to leave it like that as the difference between medium and high are not noticeable on a normal PC.
  5. Skype5 and higher: Make sure that you position the Skype window with the size how you want the recording to look like. If you position the Skype video window narrow and high you will not get a good recording. Make sure the Skype video fills the entire Skype window for a perfect result.
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