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Why don't I see any contacts when I type a number in PamFax for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle?
Posted by Richard S, Last modified by Richard S on 03.05.2014 - 13:04

When you send a fax with PamFax on a mobile device, PamFax will automatically scan your contacts and list those that have fax numbers. PamFax will not show any of your contacts if you have not added fax numbers.

Below an example in iOS, as soon as you enter a number with "home fax" or "work fax", you will see this contact appear in PamFax when entering a number.

This filtering applies to all mobile versions of the PamFax application.


Important information for iOS users: Check Settings > privacy > contacts, and see if PamFax is there and enabled. It may be that access to contacts was not granted. More information at

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