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When sending a fax, PamFax charged more then the normal rate. Why?
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There are two situations where PamFax will charge more then the standard rate for a fax.

1. The fax number you entered is known to have slow transmission.
2. You are sending to a service number or mobile number which is zone 6 or up.

In both cases though, PamFax will notify you of the surcharge reason when you get to step 5. So before paying and sending you will have the option to review the reason for the calculation presented to you.

In case of scenario 1, where PamFax thinks the the transmission can take very long, the surcharge will be refunded to you in case the transmission was at normal speed.

In case of scenario 2, there is no refund as service numbers, pagers and mobile phones have a zone 6 rate by default.
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